Italian Sausages on the Grill

Italian Sausages on the Grill

To make our Italian sausages on the grill we will be grilling everything so this will require an arsenal of grilling gadgets. These Italian sausages will be served on buns toasted with garlic butter and served with grilled peppers onions and pasta sauce. There is no prep to speak of but the grilling itself is

S’mores on the Grill

s'mores on the grill

Today we are making S’mores on the grill, we will be using our gas grill but the same techniques can be used over a charcoal grill as well. This method will get the chocolate extra melty. There is a little grill prep involved but the only¬† things you will need outside of the basic s’more

Grilled Chicken Tenderloin and Bacon Skewers

grilled chicken tenderloin and bacon skewers

These grilled chicken tenderloin and bacon skewers make a great appetizer or can be an entire meal for light eaters. For this you will need a package of chicken breast tenderloin, pre-cooked bacon, bamboo skewers, tinfoil and Weber kick’n chicken seasoning, you may substitute any seasoning you would like. Pour a liberal coating of the¬†kick’n

How To Use a Grill Surface Thermometer

how to use a grill surface thermometer 1

I guess how to use a grill surface thermometer is something I never thought much about but there are enough people searching it that Google has it as a suggested search term. To over simplify it: you just place your grill surface thermometer on your grates and read the temperature. It can be that simple

Weber Exterior Grill Cleaner Review

Weber exterior grill cleaner review

For our Weber exterior grill cleaner review we tested this product side by side against just soap water and a microfiber cloth. To really put this to the test we are cleaning our 3 year old Spirit E210 grill. The painted finish on this grill hasn’t looked like new for at least 2 years and

How to Grill Frozen Hamburgers

how to grill frozen hanburgers

Need to know how to grill frozen hamburgers without turning them into hockey pucks? Here is our how to on the subject. We have all been roped into grilling for a large crowd where fresh burger patties aren’t an option so here is how to get the most out of those frozen hamburgers. If your