20lb Digital Propane Tank Scale Removable DisplayI

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Never worry about running out of propane with the 20 pound digital propane tank scale with removable display. Weight is the most accurate way to read the amount of propane in your tank. The removable display shows the percentage of gas and the cook time remaining based on the current weight of the propane tank. The digital propane tank scale also includes a low-level alarm that sounds when the tank weight is at 20%, 15%, and 10%. Since the propane tank sits on the digital propane tank scale there is no connection to the propane tank so there is no chance of a leak. Unlike those inline propane tank gauges that have two connections to worry about.

The digital propane tank scale sits inside the grilling cabinet with the display placed outside.


The scale base is meant to be low profile enough to fit under your grill but be sure to measure. Allow for an extra 4 inches of clearance for your tank. If your grill has a hole that the lower ring of the tank sits into (as most newer low-end grills do) you will need to take that into account as well as your tank will no longer drop into it.

The digital display is removable from the base of the digital propane tank scale, so when grill is not in use you can bring the display inside. Perfect for cold weather climates where the LCD may freeze and crack if left outdoors.

Digital LCD Screen Displays the remaining grilling time in minutes and displays the percentage of gas remaining Low level alarm at 20%, 15% and 10% Safe connection no chance of leaks Easy To Setup, Easy To Read, No Tools Required Accurate, Safe & User friendly

The 20lb Digitial Propane Tank Scale with Removable Display is GasWatch item number TVL 214 is ideal for use with gas grills, patio heaters, smokers, and other outdoor propane appliances. The digital display is can be removed from the base of the scale.

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