Barbecue Sauce Mop 12 Inch Cotton Strand Head

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Painted Wood Handle
12 inches Long
Leather Hang Strap
Cotton Strand Head

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The Mr. Bar-B-Q barbecue sauce mop has a 12-inch long painted wooden handle with a leather hang strap. The mop head consists of cotton strands wrapped around the handle. This is a traditional sauce mop with the head made like a cotton head floor mop. Great for both basting and applying sauces to large pieces of meat.

The cotton head of this mop is attached to the handle and can not be removed this makes it difficult to clean because the handle can not be placed into a dishwasher. You will have to rinse and wring the mop head out several times to remove all the excess sauce. Then soak the head in hot water (we use a coffee cup and microwave it so the water is boiling) before finally being able to hand wash it with soap and water. To air dry we stand the mop on end and spread out the cords.

Basting with a mop sauce is one of the best ways to keep grilled foods moist. Use a mop with a cotton head to evenly apply your favorite basting mixtures, and glazes. Also perfect for applying sauce to foods right before they come off of the grill, a barbecue sauce will take on the appearance of a candy like coating when finished.

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