Large Barbecue Sauce Mop with Replaceable Head


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18 inches overall
13 inch hardwood painted handle
4.5 inch cotton cords
Replaceable cotton mop head

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18 inch signature series barbecue sauce mop by Steven Raichlen has a 13 inch long sturdy wooden handle. The replaceable cotton sauce mop head has 4.5 inch long cotton cords. Part of the high quality Steven Raichlen line of best of barbecue products this is the highest quality sauce mop we have seen to date.

This mop is not limited to just applying barbecue sauce you can also use it for basting mixtures, flavored butters, glazes, and mop sauces. With the addition of extra replaceable heads you can easily switch from sauce to sauce without cleaning the head.

The hardwood handle is painted black and has a sturdy metal loop for hanging.

Why do you want a high quality sauce mop? Low end sauce mops will shed leaving cotton strands in your barbecue sauce.

Information from the package:

Steven Raichlen’s 3 rules of great grilling: Keep it hot, Keep it clean, Keep it lubricated.

  • Detachable Mop
  • Washable Cotton
  • Wood Handle
  • Extra Large size

Basting is one of the best ways to keep grilled foods moist. Use this mop with an all natural cotton head to apply your favorite basting mixtures, flavored butters, glazes and barbecue sauce while the food is on the grill. Brush head detaches for easy soaking and cleaning.

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