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How To Grill Hot Dogs

When I began to write this page I thought how am I going to write a whole page on how to grill hot dogs? Not only is this page a lot longer then I ever thought it would be I could probably write another entire page on the subject.

While everyday pre-packaged dogs may be fine for the kids they just don’t cut it for the adult tastes. We always recommend 100% all beef hot dogs they just taste better. Look in your butcher’s meat case for higher grade dog’s. Some brands we love are Chicago Red Hots and Pushcart.

Cooking kid friendly Hot Dogs: Generally speaking children do not like dogs that have any grill marks them. The younger they are the more this seems to hold true. To achieve the perfect Kiddie Dog, keep them away from the flames. There are several ways to accomplish this: If your grill has multiple burners or heat zones turn 1 off and make sure that the area next to it is on low, or use an upper rack if available, and if neither of those options are available use the outer edges of your grill. Then rotate often to prevent grill marks.

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Angus Beef vs. Regular Beef

Whats the difference between Angus and regular beef? The simple answer is the type of cow that it comes from. Like salmon and tilapia are both fish that have some similarities they will not taste the same. An Angus steer will make a more well marbled piece of beef then your average cow. They are also a heartier breed which means typically they will need less antibiotics in their lifetime then a regular cow.

When I was growing up the only places you would find references to Angus were high end steak houses, now even McDonald’s has an Angus burger. So besides the price is there really a difference between Angus and regular beef?

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