Product Review Submission Suggestion Guidelines

We are beginning to be solicited to review some grilling products on our blog so we came up with these product review submission suggestion guidelines. We are going to make this post public and link to it internally so everyone knows where we stand. I believe the consumer has a right to know if the

Best Grill Brush Product Review

Best grill brush head close-up

Last year a new design of grill brush got a lot of attention so we decided  to review it as an update to our what is the best grill brush article. That article is about 5 years old so it was time for an update anyway. This new grill brush design features 3-inline spiral bristle

Char Griller Dual Function Double Play Review

This is our Char Griller Dual Function Double Play review. I was stunned when I came across this bad boy in our local Wal-mart.  One of the first reviews I ever posted years ago was of the Char Griller Duo dual function gas and charcoal grill with the side fire box installed. I will tell

Propane Exchange Review

Propane Exchange Review

Our propane exchange review is an in-depth look at the cost and all other factors to consider when filling your propane tank. When your propane tank is empty and you need to get it filled you normally have two choices the propane exchange found outside most hardware and grocery stores and some gas stations or