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How do you cook bratwurst on the grill?

How do you cook bratwurst on the gril

How do you cook bratwurst on the grill? It’s not complicated, but apparently there are a lot of searches for this question. So we will try to answer all your bratwurst grilling questions in this post.

Before we get into the meat of how do you cook bratwurst on the grill? (see what I did there?). You should know that we are always referring to Johnsonville Brats in this post. They are one of the best brats available and can be found practically anywhere. Most other brands of bratwurst are similar size and shape so the answers here should apply in most cases.

Should you rinse bratwurst before grilling?

No. The heat from the grill will burn off anything that is on the outside. If it makes you feel better go ahead and do it you aren’t hurting anything.

Should you poke holes in the brat’s before grilling?

No. You will loose a good part of the juices if you do that. You should always use tongs or a spatula to turn them as well.

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How To Use a Grill Surface Thermometer

how to use a grill surface thermometer 1

I guess how to use a grill surface thermometer is something I never thought much about but there are enough people searching it that Google has it as a suggested search term. To over simplify it: you just place your grill surface thermometer on your grates and read the temperature. It can be that simple or it can get a little complicated.

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Grilling and Barbecue TV Shows

grilling and barbecue TV shows

If your like me you turn to TV for inspiration for your grilling so we have created this comprehensive list of all the grilling and barbecue TV shows we could find. We have scoured the web, network sites and our cable programming guide to put this list together.

We have sorted the shows by network with the host’s name and a brief description of each. Links provided go to each of the shows or networks web pages if available.

Most of these grilling and barbecue TV shows you will have to catch on demand or re-runs but some do sell the DVD’s or have episodes or clips on their websites and we provide links to what we have found.

Show name links go to that shows webpage.

Last Updated 8/23/18


Project Fire with Steven Raichlen: With a dynamic new format that includes on-set guests and off-road field trips, innovators of live fire cooking join Steven to share revolutionary new techniques that will elevate the backyard barbecue experience – from ember-roasting and salt slab grilling to fire-heated iron and high tech rotisseries.

Stream full episodes of Project Fire here.

The Project Fire book available on Amazon here

Primal Grill with Steven Raichlen: is the biggest, baddest, most comprehensive grilling show yet, with easy-to-follow instruction, close-up step-by-step technique sequences, and mouth-watering, in-your-face food shots. DVD available to purchase on Amazon.

Barbecue University with Steven Raichlen: Each episode of Barbecue University focuses on different American regional barbecue traditions – from classics like Memphis Dry Rub Ribs and Smoke-la-homa Brisket to grilling adventures.

Project Smoke with Steven Raichlen: From the man who launched a revolution in live-fire cooking comes a third electrifying season of the show that brings the art of smoking and grilling from the competition barbecue circuit to the mainstream American backyard.

BBQ with Franklin host Aaron Franklin: Barbecue doesn’t have to be complicated and it doesn’t take a lot of specialized equipment. In this 11 episode instructional web series, BBQ nerd Aaron Franklin explains the steps beginning to end in creating delicious barbecue in your backyard.

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