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How to Light Your Gas Grill With a Match VIDEO

So your grills igniter isn’t working and you need to light your gas grill with a match here is how to do it safely and properly. Believe it or not your gas grill has a tool on it for just such an emergency. That dangling chain thingy that every gas grill has on it or under it somewhere is actually an extended match holder just for lighting your grill.

Light Your Gas Grill With a Match

I don’t know the technical term for it so I have now named it a “Backup emergency ignition source holder”. It’s really not my place to name such things and nobody has granted me permission to do so. The guy who invented it will probably be mad he didn’t come up with an awesome name like that. It’s probably named something like “long matchstick holder thingy on a chain”.

So lets grab a book of cardboard matches and head out to your grill.

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How to Light a Charcoal Chimney on a Windy Day

It’s difficult to light a charcoal chimney on a windy day, the newspaper blows out or worse goes flying across your backyard.  Sometimes even a slight breeze will blow out the newspaper. So we have a few tricks to help you get that charcoal lit even on a windy day.

The first thing you need to do is pull the cooking grid from your grill. This is so that you can set charcoal chimney in the grill to light it. The grill body with the lid on will shield your ignition source from the wind.

Now for a more reliable fuel source to light your coals: we are using Doritos. Why Doritos? Once lit they do not blow out and chances are you have some in your kitchen. You can also use paraffin fire starters they are just not as cool.

Take a handful of the chips and place them in the center of the charcoal grate.

Fill your charcoal chimney with charcoal.

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Should you oil grill grates

Should you oil grill grates before grilling is a controversial topic, even the celebrity chef’s disagree with each other on this. So should you or shouldn’t you oil those grates? Here we will take a look at what some of those chefs recommend and then add our 2 cents to the mix as well.

Should you oil grill grates

What inspired me to write the post is a new book: Meatheads The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling If you have read any of my blog posts you can tell that I like a small side of science with my meat but not too much. Here is a breakdown of what the celebrity chefs have to say about oiling your grill grates.

Steven Raichlen: Author of the Barbecue Bible and host of the PBS TV show of the same name and numerous other books on the subject.  Recommends you oil grill grates when hot just before placing your food on them.

Bobby Flay: author of Grill It! and star of many food network shows including Throwdown Suggests you oil grill grates cold with Canola oil.

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