Grilled Chicken Tenderloin and Bacon Skewers

grilled chicken tenderloin and bacon skewers

These grilled chicken tenderloin and bacon skewers make a great appetizer or can be an entire meal for light eaters. For this you will need a package of chicken breast tenderloin, pre-cooked bacon, bamboo skewers, tinfoil and Weber kick’n chicken seasoning, you may substitute any seasoning you would like. Pour a liberal coating of the┬ákick’n

Getting Great Grill Marks: What Not To Do

Have trouble getting those great grill marks on your meat that the chefs on TV make look so easy to get? They make it look easy and you can get frustrated trying to duplicate them. For years I did not even try I blew them off as a presentation only thing, sometimes I would get

Preparing your Meats for Grilling

While preparing meat for the grill you are faced with several options on how to do it. You may use one of them; none of them or all of them is purely a matter of taste. Different meats respond differently to different techniques. You will have to find what works best for you. I for

USDA Food Temperature Guidelines

The USDA has set standards to establish the safe minimum cooking temperatures for most meats to prevent food borne illness. With all the product recalls recently and the E. coli concerns nowadays, most people prefer their food thoroughly cooked. The only way to be 100% sure that the food is done thoroughly is to use

How to Grill Chicken Legs

When grilling chicken legs I like nice crispy crunchy skin and then slathered in wing sauce. These are an affordable option to chicken wings especially when you are grilling for large groups. With this article we will show you how to achieve that elusive crispy skin while keeping the dark meat nice and moist. The

How to Grill Marinated Chicken Breast

When you grill marinated chicken breast it can make a mess but boneless skinless chicken can be very dry and tasteless when not marinated. With this technique you can get all the extra flavor and extra moisture without the mess. Choose your marinade: the marinade we are using for this a combination of Italian salad