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Grilled Chicken Tenderloin and Bacon Skewers

grilled chicken tenderloin and bacon skewers

These grilled chicken tenderloin and bacon skewers make a great appetizer or can be an entire meal for light eaters. For this you will need a package of chicken breast tenderloin, pre-cooked bacon, bamboo skewers, tinfoil and Weber kick’n chicken seasoning, you may substitute any seasoning you would like.

Pour a liberal coating of the kick’n chicken seasoning onto a plate or any thing that has a flat bottom . We used about half a container for 7 tenderloins. Remove the chicken from the package one piece at a time and roll it on the seasoning coating all sides and place onto a clean container. Repeat for all the pieces of tenderloin.

Cover the plate holding your seasoned chicken and refrigerate for 30 minutes to one hour. This allows the spices to penetrate the meat and they will also stick a little better when it hits the grill.

When you are ready to remove the chicken prepare the grill. Add a layer of tinfoil to act as a skewer shield to keep the skewer handles from burning and heat the grill to a high heat. For our single package of chicken we will only require one burner and our bamboo skewers will be placed directly over the heat.

To make the skewers we start with the end of a precooked piece of bacon. We use precooked due to the fact that the grilled chicken tenderloin will be finished before the bacon can cook through.

Next is the end of the tenderloin while sliding the meat on bend the chicken so the skewer can poke out of the middle. Next skewer the bacon again and back through the chicken and finally the bacon again.

Repeat for all the skewers

We tried several different approaches to the skewering, wrapping it around the chicken and such and we came to the conclusion that the bacon should just lay flat up and down the tenderloin.

Take your finished skewers out to the hot grill and place them right over the flame. Tenderloins will vary in size and shape so be sure to place the thicker ones where it is hotter (typically in the center) and the smaller one where it is cooler.

Grill with the lid open.

Because grilled chicken tenderloin are basically round we will treat them as 4 sided and grill for 3 to 4 minutes per side. This all depends on how hot your grill gets. Because it is chicken we will check the temperature of the fattest part of the biggest piece so we don’t under cook it.

grilled chicken tenderloin and bacon skewers

Because we used the Weber Kick’n chicken our grilled chicken tenderloin and bacon skewers turn out spicy and tender with distinct citrus flavor. The bacon adds to the flavor profile without taking over the dish.

I would suggest a cup of ranch dressing for dipping the grilled chicken tenderloin in for people who can not handle the heat.



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Getting Great Grill Marks: What Not To Do

Have trouble getting great grill marks on your meat that the chefs on TV make look so easy to get? They make it look easy and you can get frustrated trying to duplicate them. For years I did not even try I blew them off as a presentation only thing, sometimes I would get them sometimes I wouldn’t, sometimes it would burn to a crisp and even weirder I would get them just right and they would disappear by the time the food was fully cooked.

filet with great grill marks

Over the last couple of years through trial and error I have learned why my grill marks would not turn out consistent. So if you want to get more consistent grill marks here is a list what NOT to do.

To get great grill marks Do Not

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Preparing your Meats for Grilling

While preparing meat for the grill you are faced with several options on how to do it. You may use one of them; none of them or all of them is purely a matter of taste. Different meats respond differently to different techniques. You will have to find what works best for you.

I for one rarely even marinate steak; I will generally use the natural method. However, when it comes to those boneless skinless tasteless chicken breasts. I will use almost every option available I will marinate, rub and inject, anything to get some flavor into those healthy bland pieces of meat, that my wife makes me eat.

Option 1 Natural: This would be to cook it as is straight from the fridge to the grill. Red meat should be allowed to reach room temperature before placing on the grill.

I find this is the best way to cook steaks and burgers. When you are using good meat and meat itself stands alone. When choosing your meats, we always recommend you go to a local meat market as opposed to your local grocery chain. The meat is always fresher. You may pay a few cents more, but as soon as you bite into it, you will know that you got your money’s worth.

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