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S’mores on the Grill

s'mores on the grill

Today we are making S’mores on the grill, we will be using our gas grill but the same techniques can be used over a charcoal grill as well. This method will get the chocolate extra melty. There is a little grill prep involved but the only  things you will need outside of the basic s’more ingredients are marshmallow skewers and tinfoil.

Basic s’more ingredients:

Graham Crackers

Chocolate Candy bar or try a York Peppermint Pattie.

Large marshmallows.

S’mores on the Grill, Grill Prep:

The first step will be to prepare our grill and we will do this by first removing a section of our lower grill grates. This will allow you to get your marshmallows as close to the heat as you would like.

The next step is to cover the upper rack with tinfoil. If your grill doesn’t have an upper rack you can cover a section of your lower rack. This step just prevents melted chocolate from dripping into your grill.

Heat up your grill, you will only need the burner on where you have removed the grill grate. start on medium you can always turn it up or down as needed. Open the grill lid and leave it open for the rest of this process.

Once the grill is heated, place half of a graham cracker and a piece of the chocolate bar onto the rack you have covered with tinfoil and do this for as many S’mores as you will need. This will melt the chocolate, it may not look like it but it will melt.

Place your marshmallow onto your skewer and hold over the burner that is on, at about grate level. You will need to be turning the skewer frequently. If its going to slow you can lower the marshmallow into the grill, to fast and you can raise it. I have never been able to get a marshmallow perfectly browned all the way around I am not that talented.

Once your marshmallow is fully toasted:

Take the marshmallow on the skewer and set it onto the chocolate, place the unused half of the cracker on top and apply a little pressure while you slide the skewer out.




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Grilled Angel Food Cake

Grilled angel food cake is a tremendous way to show that you have mastered the grill and to end your barbecue. Grilling any dessert will impress all of your friends and family. For grilled angel food cake, all we will are basically doing is toasting the outside of the cake with the direct heat of the grill, to gain a little crunch while warming the inside. The wow factor is in the toppings and that selection is endless.

Heat and set your grill up for direct medium high to high heat grilling. Make sure your grill grates are very clean or the cake will pick up that flavor.  Slice your cake.

Grilled angel food cake on the grill

Grilled angel food cake is a delicate process so begin by placing a single piece on the heat and do not step away.

Check your cake with your tongs every 10 seconds or so to see if it has released from the grate and browned on the outside. This should take between 30 seconds to a minute. Adjust your heat accordingly. Then repeat for all sides and add slices when your comfortable with the timing of the turns.

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How to Grill Donuts

How to grill donuts is something that I stumbled upon recently and I cannot believe we didn’t think of it first. This is quick and easy to do and it will breath new life into those day old Krispy Kremes you have lying around. For this all you will need is doughnuts, a spatula, and a grill. Optionally once cooked you can add all the toppings you like to your doughnuts or use them as a bun for burgers or an ice cream sandwich.

Step 1: Take your glazed donuts (you can probably use other types but you will want that layer of sugar), we used Krispy Kreme’s simply because they are awesome, just slice them in half. A day or two old work best because they are firmer. We tried grilling whole donuts and the results were just OK and made quite the mess. So you really want to grill halves.

How to Grill Donuts

Step 2: Heat the grill. you will be grilling over direct high heat.

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