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What is a Pig Wing

A pig wing sometimes referred to as drummies is the lower pork shank with a single bone running through the center. While a pig wing may be cooked any style a chicken wing can be cooked traditionally they are cooked barbecue style, with smoke, low and slow then sauced. This is a lean cut of pork that has a single bone running through the center thus the comparison to a chicken wing drumette.

So no, pig wings are not from flying pigs.

While cooking the meat on the bone will shrink leaving a handle making them great for appetizers or tailgating.

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Hatfield Texas Smokehouse Pork Loin Review

Our Hatfield Texas smokehouse pork loin review will take you through the grilling process of this pre-seasoned pork loin and give you our honest opinion of the product. This is our first review of a food product that was made for grilling. Hatfield pork products are available throughout the northeastern US. The Texas Smokehouse Dry Rub Seasoned Pork Loin Filet is just one of many pre-seasoned pork loins that Hatfield has available.

The loin we have is just about 1.25 pounds and at 3.99 a pound cost a little over $5. When we first removed it from the package we were surprised at just how dry it was. There was barely any excess liquid in the package which means no money wasted.

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