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Grilled Bone in Turkey Breast

Grilled Bone in Turkey Breast

A grilled bone in turkey breast often refered to as a split breast, will take an hour or so to grill and about 10 minutes to prep. When done properly the turkey will be tender and juicy and is well worth the effort. We are grilling a pair of bone in breasts over Royal Oak Natural lump charcoal. We like the added layer of flavor that charcoal give to our grilled bone in turkey breast, so we recommend it if it is an option for you. If grilling over gas you can add some wood chips for that additional flavor.

Grilled Bone in Turkey Breasts pair

We are going to be grilling our turkey breast barbecue style with Memphis style sauce and rub. Feel free to substitute any flavor combination you would like.

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Grill a Whole Turkey Breast Beer can Style

For thanksgiving this year we decided to grill a whole turkey breast, we have a small family so we can get away with just a breast. The family is also particular about a traditional tasting roast turkey so I assured them that I could pull that off on a gas grill without a problem. So we started with a Honeysuckle brand frozen young turkey breast that was almost 8.5 pounds (cost $14.98).

The Prep:

We thawed the turkey breast in the fridge for 3 days before Thanksgiving. Always check the cavity first, for any left over ice. The morning of we injected it and seasoned it. We do all the prep in a high sided disposable aluminum pan.

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Preparing your Meats for Grilling

While preparing meat for the grill you are faced with several options on how to do it. You may use one of them; none of them or all of them is purely a matter of taste. Different meats respond differently to different techniques. You will have to find what works best for you.

I for one rarely even marinate steak; I will generally use the natural method. However, when it comes to those boneless skinless tasteless chicken breasts. I will use almost every option available I will marinate, rub and inject, anything to get some flavor into those healthy bland pieces of meat, that my wife makes me eat.

Option 1 Natural: This would be to cook it as is straight from the fridge to the grill. Red meat should be allowed to reach room temperature before placing on the grill.

I find this is the best way to cook steaks and burgers. When you are using good meat and meat itself stands alone. When choosing your meats, we always recommend you go to a local meat market as opposed to your local grocery chain. The meat is always fresher. You may pay a few cents more, but as soon as you bite into it, you will know that you got your money’s worth.

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