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USDA Food Temperature Guidelines

The USDA has set standards to establish the safe minimum cooking temperatures for most meats to prevent food borne illness. With all the product recalls recently and the E. coli concerns nowadays, most people prefer their food thoroughly cooked.

The only way to be 100% sure that the food is done thoroughly is to use a good thermometer. With that in mind here are the temperatures recommended for each type of food that you may grill.

It is important to note here that these temperatures need to be held for at least 15 seconds to kill all harmful bacteria.

USDA Food Temperature Guidelines

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How to Grill Turkey Thighs

If you have a large appetite and a small budget you need to learn how to grill turkey thighs. They are an inexpensive and completely different grilling option. They are fairly large at about a pound a thigh and very versatile. In this how to, we will be grilling garlic parmesan turkey thighs using only a few simple ingredients you probably have lying around the house, and an indirect grilling technique.

You can find turkey thighs for around $2 a pound at your local grocery store. At around a pound a piece each thigh can be one large portion. With just a single bone running down the center they are also easily cut into two smaller portions.

Before we grill turkey thighs we must prep them:

injecting turkey thighs

The prep is 2 parts and only takes a few minutes. Our first step is injecting: We are going to inject the thigh with garlic powder. Take one teaspoon of McCormicks Fine Garlic Powder add 2 ounces of beer the carbonation of the beer will foam after the bubbling has stopped stir to mix. We prefer to use fine garlic powder so it will break down quicker. Beer can be substituted for olive oil if you prefer. Add this mix to your injector and insert the injector once on either side of the bone.

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How to Grill a Turkey Breast

When you grill a turkey breast is a lot like grilling a large chicken breast you can use the same grilling techniques for either. For this how to article we will grill a turkey breast barbecue style, like you would get a turkey leg at a street fair. It comes out moist and delicious and will serve up to 4 people. We use half of a split breast for this but you can use a whole turkey breast and grill it beer can style as well.

Since a turkey breast is so large it is hard to mess it up and it looks impressive when it is finished. The prep is messy and will take some time to clean up but that is the most difficult part of this whole thing.

An average sized split turkey breast will be about 2.5 pounds and costs around $4 to $5 per pound. This can feed a family and the leftovers can be used for sandwiches.

We begin by injecting the breast with barbecue sauce. For this we are using Sweet Baby Ray’s Sweet and Spicy. This will keep your turkey breast from drying out. A tall shot glass is great for filling and refilling your injector without a lot of waste and no contamination of your sauce bottle.  Start by injecting at the outer edges of the meat, these are the parts that will dry out first. Then inject the middle and try to get it spread out equally throughout the meat.

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