How to Grill a Whole Turkey

This time of year a lot of us are considering grill a turkey for Thanksgiving. The purpose of this article will give you the options to consider, along with what you need to think about before attempting it. Here I will cover the three most popular techniques to grill a whole turkey and what you

How to Grill a Better Turkey Sausage VIDEO

We are all trying to eat a little better these days and turkey sausage is a slightly healthier grilling option. The two drawbacks to a turkey sausage compared to a normal sausage are the texture and the lack of flavor. These are issues that are easily off-set with the proper grilling techniques that we will

How to Grill Turkey Bacon

If your like a lot of people you’re looking to grill some healthier meals and substituting turkey bacon on that bacon cheese burger may be a place to start. As with most things you grill you have a couple of how to options. We used Butterball thin and crispy turkey bacon for this article. I

What are Turkey Ribs

The other day on a local news morning show one of the hosts was grilling up turkey ribs (video below). I had to ask what is a turkey rib? So as usual I scoured the net to figure it out. This video is from Fox 8 Cleveland’s morning show featuring the so called turkey ribs.