Rotisserie Approximate Cooking Time Chart

If you’re new to rotisserie grilling and are wondering how long it will take to cook something, this page is our rotisserie approximate cooking time chart for grills. All rotisserie cooking requires Medium-Hot indirect heat, and a drip pan. A large enough pan will provide the indirect heat for you. Fill your drip pan ½

Basic Barbecue or Smoker Tips

I am going to keep these barbecue tips very basic, they are geared towards a beginner. Over the years I Have used a NBBD offset smoker, Char Griller Duo, Weber Bullet and currently a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker. I am still in the learning stages of barbecuing and it seems like a process that will never

How to Grill The Basics

Grilling as defined by Wikipedia: Grilling is a form of cooking that involves direct heat. Devices that grill are called grills. The definition varies widely by region and culture.  Just bought your first grill and do not know where to start? You have found the right article. Fortunately when grilling there are a lot of

What is the diameter of your spit rod

So you need to purchase a new set of spit forks for your rotisserie and need to check your spit rods diameter. Here is a quick and easy way to check and compare spit rod diameters using things you probably have lying around your house. The smallest diameter spit rod is the 5/16 it is

How to Grill with Indirect Heat

Grilling with indirect heat is very much like cooking in your kitchens oven. If you look in your oven when the heat is on you will notice that there are no direct flames on the bottom. This is what we want to accomplish inside your grill. This is the most effective way to grill larger

Rotisserie Grilling Tips

Once you have your new grill rotisserie in place the fun begins, so here are a few rotisserie grilling tips to maximize your enjoyment of your new toy. The placement of your spit rod bushing is very important to your rotisseries performance. You want everything to rotate as freely as possible. In order to achieve