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5Lb capacity
Wooden Handle
Heat shield

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The charcoal chimney starter by Mr. Bar-b-q allows you to light your charcoal with out the use of lighter fluid. Simply stuff the bottom of the chimney with newspaper and the top with your coals, light the newspaper and wait about 10 minutes. The heat and flames from the paper will rise igniting the coals. Then pour the hot coals into your grill.

This is a good starter chimney for those who have never used one before. It can hold up to 5 pounds of standard size charcoal when filled to capacity. It has a metal heat shield and wooden handle to protect your hands from the heat. We still recommend the use of grill glove or some sort of hand protection when handling a hot chimney.

This chimney can be used with standard charcoal briquettes, natural lump charcoal and even real wood. They are a great way of starting a campfire, lay down a hot bed of coals and just throw your logs on.

I have seen people use a charcoal chimney as a portable grill just by laying a grate over the top of the smoldering coals.

You do not need to use newspapers to light the coals either you have many different options like: Paraffin fire starters, twigs, the side burner of a gas grill, or even doritos.

Warning: when using and immediately after use of your charcoal chimney keep it out-of-the-way of children and pets it will get hot. We prefer to light it in our grill and allow it to cool down in an area where nobody will be.

The packaging is a colorful cardboard wrap with instructions as shown in the above images.

If for some reason you wish to clean your charcoal chimney just rinse it off with a hose.

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