Charcoal Chimney Starter by Maverick


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Insulated plastic handle
Large protective heat shield
Thick steel wire separates the coals for your newspaper
Steel cylinder body

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The charcoal chimney starter by Maverick features the best handle and heat shield we have ever seen on a charcoal chimney. This charcoal chimney has a large 7 pound capacity and is designed for maximum airflow to speed the lighting of your coals. The heavy-duty steel wires inside assure that this chimney will outlast most of the others on the market today.

Why use a charcoal chimney? Not only will you never taste lighter fluid again, is it also the most consistent way to light your coals. If in a pinch or tailgating, a grill grate can be laid across the top and it can be used as a small charcoal grill.

Most standard chimneys have a 5 pound capacity and this particular one can hold 7 pounds. This will give you a hotter grill and the coals will last a bit longer at cooking temperature. Capacity for charcoal chimneys is measured with a standard (Kingsford type) briquette. If your curious there are typically about 18 charcoal briquettes per pound but this will vary by brand and type of charcoal.

While newspaper is typically the fuel of choice for lighting it is far from the only thing you can use. Other things you can use include: the side burner of a gas grill, paraffin lighter cubes, and Doritos. Here is a link to our article about lighting your chimney in the wind.

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