EZ Legs and Wings Jr Chicken Wing Grill Rack


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All Stainless Steel

13.5 inches Long 6 inches Tall

Foldable and Removable Legs

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This chicken leg and wing grilling rack is great for saving space on your grill. It will hold up to a dozen legs or wings over your grilling surface eliminating the need for turning and minimizing the chances of burning. Use the U shaped holders for your chicken drumsticks and the holes will hold the tips of whole wings. While ideal for use in a smoker or indirect grilling it can also be used right over the heat.

The narrow light weight design allows this to be easily picked up and moved with tongs even when it is fully loaded. I like to start my wings on a smoker and finish them over direct heat on the grill to crisp up the skin and this stand makes that easy.

Made with a commercial grade stainless steel this chicken rack will last a lifetime. It has a pair of 6 inch long legs that can be either folded or removed for cleaning or storage.

A stand like this should be loaded with the chicken off of the grill or smoker and then placed onto the cooking surface. It is a lot easier do it this way then to try and dodge the heat. It also should be allowed to cool before cleaning, we leave ours on the grill and let it cool with the grill when emptied.

When your done grilling you can throw this rack right into your dishwasher after it has cooled down. To protect the finish though, we recommend hand washing with soap and water. Harsh dish washer detergents will eventually dull the stainless steel finish.

As with all metal racks and stands this will get hot when in use. Never grab it with your bare hands always use tongs or hand protection of some kind especially when unloading the food from the stand.

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