Dietz & Watson Black Angus Hotdog Review

I love a good Hotdog so in order to eat as many as possible I decided to write this Dietz & Watson black angus hotdog review. It’s package screams high quality, high-end product. This leads me to believe that this is caters to an adult taste, we will find that out very soon. Dietz & Watson products are available nation wide and you can locate them near you here.

Dietz & Watson Black Angus Hotdog Review

These are all beef franks with eight 2 oz dogs in the package. This is the same as a standard size store-bought hotdog. We paid about $6 at our local grocery store that is around double of what the store brand all beef dogs cost.

To do this hotdog review we are going to grill these up as we would any hotdog, over direct medium heat for 8 to 10 minutes, rolling them around as needed. These are more red in color than most other grocery store wieners. That should mean more spice since there is no artificial color on the ingredient list.

Dietz & Watson Black Angus Hotdogs on grill

On the grill they appear to sweat a bit more than a typical hotdog and they did not split open over the heat like some brands will.

To the meat of our Dietz & Watson black angus hotdog review: the taste.

Dietz & Watson Black Angus Hotdog in bun plain

Let’s start with the fact that these were very good it just has a flavor that I am having a hard time describing here. The ingredient list has mustard powder and paprika and my guess is you won’t find many other hotdogs with that combo. While we couldn’t pick out that Angus flavor by itself these dogs do have a very good beef flavor. They also paired well with my preferred condiments of stadium mustard and onions. I was very impressed when I tried one with ketchup. It was almost like a perfect flavor pairing I am very impressed with them now.

While the good people of Chicago may not appreciate these hotdogs I think most people would. They are made for an adult pallet, we enjoyed them very much.

We will be grilling these again sometime soon.

If your into reading the ingredients of your hotdogs here you go.

INGREDIENTS: Premium Angus Beef, Water, Contains Less Than 2% Salt, Sugar, Mustard Powder, Flavoring, Garlic Puree, Paprika, Sodium Phosphate, Sodium Erythorbate, Sodium Nitrite.

For the nutritional information it can be found on their website here.

About the author: Mike is the owner of, a Certified Food Safety Professional and KCBS member.

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