Kebab Grilling Basket 2 Pack Nonstick


19.5 Inches Long
11×1.5 inch basket
Hardwood Handle

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Looking for a way to keep your kebabs from spinning or falling off of your skewers? Then you may want to try a kebab grilling basket. These small narrow baskets have a 1.5 inch square cage that allows you stack your kebabs inside them. You can also skewer the meat first and set the finished kebab into the cage for grilling. The grilling part of the cage is 11 inches long and they are sold in a pair, allowing you to make either two long kebabs or four shorter ones. It would also allow you to stack all of the meat into one and all the vegetables into the other for even grilling.

Each basket has a hinged locking lid to simplify the loading and unloading of your food. Near the handle is a wire ring that slides up to unlock and dawn to lock the lid into place.

Each of these baskets are 19.5 inches in overall length and have a hardwood handle. The handle needs to be off of the heat of the grill, not only to keep it cool but also to protect the wood (it will burn). Metal will become hot even when off of the heat of the grill so always use hand protection (an oven mitt or grill gloves).

The wires on these baskets are non-stick coated which makes cleanup easy. They should be washed by hand with soap and water. Because of the hardwood handles they should never be placed into a dishwasher. Metallic scrubbers will damage the non-stick coating so those should be avoided as well.




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