Grill Brush Replacement Head Brass Wildfire

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Brass Bristle

Outset Wildfire Replacement

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The grill brush head replacement for the Outset Wildfire series grill brush has brass bristles. This replacement grill brush head has a 2 screws in the center pattern for the mounting screws.

Below you will find 2 links to printable .pdf files that are scans of the backs of the grill brush replacement heads that you can print. There is a file file the larger heads and one for the smaller grill brush heads. Be sure your printer is set to “No Scaling” or 100% so they print correctly. Take the printed document to your grill brush to align the screw holes to see which one will work for you.

For large grill brush replacement heads, click here.

For Small grill brush replacement heads, click here.

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