Small Aluminum Grilling Pans Set of 6


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6×9 inches
Can be used as a topper or a drip pan
Ideal for rotisserie grilling

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These small aluminum grill pans are 9x6x2 inches and they are an exact fit for Weber gas grills that use smaller drip pans. They are the perfect size for grilling side dishes such as roasted red potatoes along side your main course. They can also be used as drip pans for rotisserie grilling or beer can chicken because of the solid bottom.

Sometimes when your grilling you require an aluminum pan for one reason or another and we find the 6 x 9 inch size of this one to be ideal for most of our needs. If we need a larger pan typically two of these side by side will fit the bill.

We also use this pan as a replacement for our Weber Spirit 210 disposable grease pan and it is the perfect fit.

Sold in a handy 6 pack so you always have a few extras on hand.

Made to be disposable toppers but they can also be reused if they are not to far gone.

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