Grilling Skillet Stainless Steel with Removable Handle


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12 inch diameter
9 inch handle
Rubber grip Handle

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This Stainless Steel Grilling Skillet is designed to help with grilling any small foods. You can turn out perfect grilled vegetables, seafood and sides with the use of this skillet from Mr. Bar B Q. A perforated bottom lets heat circulate evenly through food for precise cooking. A removable quick release high-heat handle lets you move it on and off the grill with ease. Great for campfire cooking, gas and charcoal grills.

The skillet has 1.5 inch curved sides to allow you to stir or shake your food instead of flip them. This is handy for shrimp, mushrooms, peppers and onions. Tip: when preparing onions to grill in a toper like this, cut them so that they are round. The circular shape will keep them from falling through the holes.

The handle has an easy to use thumb slide lock mechanism that is easy to engage and disengage in seconds. When locked into place the handle is tight and sturdy enough that you can hold several pounds of food in it.

At 12 inches wide this skillet will not take up your entire grilling surface letting you grill up your side dishes at the same time as your entrée.

Any metal item on your grill will get hot and even though this skillet handle can be removed hand protection and caution should be used when handling this product.

While it may be tempting to throw the skillet part of this into the dishwasher it should be hand washed with soap and water. Harsh detergents will dull the stainless steel surface. Never use metallic scrubbers on this.

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