Large Grilling Wok Nonstick Square 12×12


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12 x 12 Inches

Non-stick Coated

Perfect for Stir Fry

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The large grilling wok by is 12 x 12 inches wide and has slanted 2.5 inch deep sides that will help keep your food on the bottom to absorb all the great grilled flavors. Both the sides and bottom of this wok are perforated allowing you to get a little char on your stir fry. Handel’s on both sides makes tossing your veggies a little easier and the non-stick surface allows them to slide around freely.
When using your new wok you have the option of loading your food into it and then placing it onto your grill, bringing the temperature up slowly. What we prefer is to place it empty onto our grill and let it heat up with the grill. This way not only do you get that great sizzle when the food hits it you seem to get a little extra char.

Unlike a bowl, to turn most things in your wok you just push it up the sides and let it fall to the bottom and repeat. Great for grilling shrimp, small vegetables or peppers and onions not to mention stir fry, or basically anything smaller that may fall through your grates.

Caution: The metal will get hot when cooking with it, always use hand protection when handling this around the grill.

While throwing this in your dishwasher may be tempting, the harsh detergents will be hard on the non-stick surface. We suggest hand washing with soap and water (never use mettalic scrubbers) and air drying, to protect the finish and extend the life of this product..

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