Long Handle Salt and Pepper Shaker Set


12 inch long Handles with rosewood grips.

Rosewood finish shakers with S&P  dispensing shaped holes

Handles are removable.

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The long handle salt and pepper shaker set is the perfect gift for that guy who prefers seasoning his food right on the grill. They will keep those hands away from the heat of the grill while allowing you to season to your heart’s content. Each shaker has a 12 inch long handle with a hardwood rosewood finish grip that screws into the side. These handles can be unscrewed and the seasoning shakers can be used independently on the serving table.

The rosewood finish long handle salt and pepper shaker holes are in an S and P shape so you can tell which one is which. They fill easily from the bottom by way of a removable plastic plug. They are not limited to salt and pepper either they can be used for dry rubs at any fine ground spice mixtures as well.

When it comes to seasoning your food before you grill you basically have two choices. Either add your dry spices to your meat at least 45 minutes before placing on the grill. This allows the spices to break down an be absorbed into the meat. Or you add your dry spices right before placing your food on the grill and the long handle salt and pepper shaker is the tool for this. That way your spices do not have a chance to begin soaking up that moisture from your meat and then falling into your grill.

The rosewood finish on the long handle salt and pepper shaker will match many of the grill tools on the market today.

The long handle salt and pepper shaker come packaged in a see through gift box.

Because they are made of hardwood they are not dishwasher safe and soap and water should be used sparingly on them.

Manufactured by Charcoal Companion

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