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How to Grill a Porterhouse

Considered by many to be the king of all steaks, now you just need to how to grill a Porterhouse. This cut is a little more forgiving to grill than a T-bone but it still has its own challenges The fact that is part filet and part strip steak doesn’t make this steak tough to grill its the way the steak is shaped. and cut A porterhouse steak is wider, so they are typically cut thinner than other steaks and lets not forget that heart shape.

How to Grill a Porterhouse

If you have a butcher you can get a nice thick cut porterhouse, in a grocery store not so much. Due to the width of this cut they are typically cut thinner to keep them at a pound or less a piece. Thicker is better here but I belive the marbling is more important, flavor over texture.

Now how to grill a Porterhouse

In a nutshell: Take care of the strip side and the filet will turn out fine. The filet side of the porterhouse is a more forgiving peice of meat than the strip side.

pair of porterhouse on gril raw

Seasoning your steak: we suggest only using dry seasonings salt and pepper or Lawrys season salt. When you season this way you can either place it on the grill immediately or let it sit for a minimum of 45 minutes there is no in-between. You should also allow your steak to sit at room temperature for 1 hour. We season the porterhouse, then plate it and cover with a paper towel for an hour.

Heat your grill to a high heat to start.

Before we start there is a slight difference in how to grill a Porterhouse that is thick cut and a thinner steak. We consider a thick cut one inch thick or more.

Place the strip side onto the hottest part of the grill with the pointed end as far away from that heat as you can get it. We will turn off the adjacent burner as soon as the meat hits the grill. Grill for 3 minutes, longer if it is still sticking.

porterhouse on grill grill marks

At the 3 minute mark for a thin steak flip it. For a thick steak rotate it 45 degrees. and grill for 3 more minutes.

When you have passed the second 3 minute mark with a thinner porterhouse remove from heat and using your meat thermometer, take your temperature reading. You want the probe in the center of the meat on the strip side. If you are anywhere around the 130 degree mark that steak is done. If your under place your steak in an indirect heat zone until you reach 130 degrees.

For a thicker cut steak: Flip it and allow it to cook for another 3 minutes then check your temp and proceed as stated above.

Remove the porterhouse from the grill and tent with tinfoil and let rest for 5 minutes.

How to grill a Porterhouse tips.

Tread lightly if you like your steaks cooked over medium-rare. Because this cut is leaner it typically gets tough real quick.

Watch the pointed end if it begins to curl the steak is over cooked.




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