How to Grill an Egg VIDEO

Can you grill an egg? Sure you can. There are a couple of different ways to accomplish this besides placing a frying pan or grill griddle on your grates and cooking it the traditional method. Here we will cover how to grill an egg in its shell as well as a fried. This is a great topper for a bacon cheese burger, I like it with a nice runny yolk.

Part 1 Grill an egg in its shell:

There is no prep here outside of preheating your grill to medium heat. Do not grill on high heat, the egg will break open if cooked to quickly. Place the egg directly over the heat and roll it over about 1/3 of the way every 3 minutes and repeat three times. Total cook time of 10 minutes if you like soft boiled eggs, 15 minutes for hard boiled with bright yellow yolk.

How to Grill an egg in the shell

After cooked to taste remove from grill and place into a cold water bath, until the egg is cool to the touch. Remove the shell and serve.

Part 2 Grill a fried egg:

Fried eggs on the grill

If you have a cast iron pan or a grill griddle you can grill an egg just like you would on your stove over a medium high heat. If you don’t have access to the proper pan you can make a small grill tray out of aluminum foil. Take a piece of foil and fold it in half, place over a decent size cup push it over the cup and while holding both the foil and the cup twist your other hand around the top. This will create a stiff edge along the sides.

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boats for grilling an egg

Fold down the excess foil but leave a lip of at least a 1/2 an inch. Spray the inside of the tray with a nonstick cooking spray (we recommend Pam for grilling ). Preheat your grill to a medium low heat.

Crack your egg into your foil tray and place over direct heat. After 2 to 3 minutes you will notice the edge of the egg begin to turn white. If you do not like a runny yolk: Place a flat piece of foil on top of the tray. This should be loose so that some heat can escape.

The egg will be fully cooked in about 7 minutes.

grilled fried egg

Once slightly cooled simply peel one side of the foil edges down and gently lift it out of the foil. Small portions may stick but it should come out easily. If the egg sticks the heat may have been to high and burned off the cooking spray. Next try lower the heat a bit.



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