How to Grill Moink Balls

What is a Moink ball you ask? You will be glad you did. You see a Moink Ball is a bacon wrapped meatball seasoned with a barbecue rub, smoked and then covered in barbecue sauce. Smiling yet? If you want to be the hit of the party bring a batch of these and watch as they get devoured in minutes.

The name Moink Ball is derived from the moo of the cow and the pigs oink I would have just named it balls of joy or something like that.

Created as an appetizer the original Moink was made from frozen meatballs, the idea was most likely derived from last years web sensation: the Bacon Explosion. These can be made on any grill using indirect heat and a drip pan the wood smoke can be optional.

I had grand plans to make my own meat balls and stuff the centers with cheese (to be named the chamoink ball possibly moinkeys) but that idea was thwarted when I discovered my butchers home-made meatballs in my refrigerator.

We start by soaking wood chips in water while you prep the food.

Take some of your favorite barbecue rub (our is Corky’s)  and pour it onto a plate, roll the meatballs until they are coated to your liking.

Cut strips of bacon in half, lay two halves out in an X shape place a meatball in the center then lay the ends on the top. Skewer the bacon to the meatball using the fore mentioned toothpick and repeat. You could also use a kabob skewer and place multiple balls on it.

Set up your grill for indirect heat and pre-heat, be sure to have a drip pan underneath, bacon grease gets messy. Once the grill is up to temperature place your moink balls on the grill. If using smoke you want to go low and slow otherwise set your grill on medium heat.

Cook until the bacon is done, depending on the method you use this could be 10 minutes or 1.5 hours so keep an eye on them. I like to put the bacon directly over the flame for a few minutes after it has begun cooking. This creates flare-ups and a mess but it adds a nice grilled flavor to the bacon. In the last few minutes of cooking cover the balls with barbecue sauce. The sauce can be left off at this stage and served on the side for dipping, however they look better when the sauce is cooked in a little.

They can be served as is as an appetizer but I placed them on a bun to make a moink ball sub. All I can really say about these is OMG soooo gooood and it’s not just me. I was practically mauled by our dogs when I pulled them off of the grill; they normally just follow me into the house with the food but this made them crazy.

The neighbor inhaled the couple I gave him to try in about a second and I hear about them every time he sees me fire up the grill.

Norpro Stainless Steel Meat Baller

We made a batch of moink balls to take to a party and after a little warming they were gone in a few minutes. I didn’t even get to have one.

When I something like this comes along I have to make them, and this one is totally worth the effort.



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