Can You Grill Frozen Pizza

Yes, you can grill frozen pizza and it will make for a crispy crust and will come out similar to a pizza cooked in a wood fired pizza oven. A simple tweak to the instructions provided on the pizza box will give you excellent results. Because no two brands of frozen pizza are the same we need to read the oven instructions and modify them for grilling.

Can You Grill Frozen Pizza

Tip: Placing a frozen pizza directly on your grates will give you a few burnt spots on the crust if you want to avoid the burnt spots place some foil on your grates before you begin. To minimize the burnt spots to a minimum don’t let it sit in one spot to long, keep the pizza moving around.

There is less chance of burning a smaller thinner pizza while trying to get it to cook through. Larger pizzas will need more time to cook leaving them exposed to the heat and flames longer.

With a thicker rising crust pizza like a DiGiorno enlist the use a pizza stone if you have one.

Heat your grill so that your hood thermometer reads the same temperature recommended for cooking the frozen pizza in the oven on or just slightly higher.

Turn down the gas to 50% or medium medium-low heat you want to keep all that heat and have very little flame.

Place your pizza directly onto your grates and close the lid to grill frozen pizza.

Rotate the pizza ΒΌ turn every 3 to 4 minutes closing the lid everytime. Your cooking time on the grill will be cut by about 25 to 50% off of the oven cooking instructions that are on the package

After the 2nd rotation check the crust to be sure it is not burning. If it is just browning your in great shape, if you see some burn marks already: turn down the heat even more. Check the crust on the bottom at every rotation until the bottom of the pizza is golden brown. Once the crust is fully browned your pizza is ready.

How to grill frozen pizza tip:

If your crust is browned and the cheese in the center is not fully melted turn off the heat completely, close the lid and let it sit for a few more minutes, or pull the pizza off of the grill and tent with tinfoil.

Getting a whole hot pizza off of your grill is made easier if you turn the burners off, lift one edge of the pizza with your spatula then slide a pizza pan or a large plate under it. Be sure to protect your hands from the heat as you may brush up against the grates.

Now all that is left to do is cut and serve.

Here are links on our site to the specific instructions on how to grill a frozen Totinos party pizza (with video)

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