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How to Grill Donuts

How to grill donuts is something that I stumbled upon recently and I cannot believe we didn’t think of it first. This is quick and easy to do and it will breath new life into those day old Krispy Kremes you have lying around. For this all you will need is doughnuts, a spatula, and a grill. Optionally once cooked you can add all the toppings you like to your doughnuts or use them as a bun for burgers or an ice cream sandwich.

Step 1: Take your glazed donuts (you can probably use other types but you will want that layer of sugar), we used Krispy Kreme’s simply because they are awesome, just slice them in half. A day or two old work best because they are firmer. We tried grilling whole donuts and the results were just OK and made quite the mess. So you really want to grill halves.

How to Grill Donuts

Step 2: Heat the grill. you will be grilling over direct high heat.

Step 3: Place the donut halves sugar side up on the hottest part of you grill. No reason to close your grill for this. You will start checking them after about a minute. To check them use a spatula or meat hook (we tried tongs and they get way to soft) you are looking for the brown look of toast and some black on the edges is inevitable. Grilling times will vary but it should not take more than 2-4 minutes. The sugar on the top will also go from white to clear during this process.

Step 4: Remove from grill. Do not turn them over just toast the insides.

That’s how to grill donuts done right.

The final product is crunchy yet soft and gooey and needs to be eaten before it gets cold. If you are using them as a base for a desert it will help to have another person topping them and handing them off to guests asap.

We learned while experimenting for the how to grill donuts post never to turn then over. See picture above

We also tried grilling the entire donuts as well. We did this by just tossing the donut on the grill over high heat and turning once. While it did soften the donut and liquefy the sugary coating there was no extra crunch and nothing spectacular this way. Frankly you could do the same thing in the microwave. It will also makes a sugar-coated mess out of your grill grates.



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