How to Grill Quesadillas VIDEO

When we have some leftover beer can chicken we will use the meat to grill quesadillas. Grilling quesadillas is quick, easy and different grilling option and only requires 3 ingredients, 6 inch tortilla’s, shredded cheese and some kind of fully cooked meat in this case chicken. You can make this dish as simple or complex as you would like with different meats and cheeses for a different experience every time this post is just a very basic how to.

How to Grill Quesadillas

You will need two 6 inch tortillas for each quesadilla you plan on grilling. If you want to use a 12 inch tortilla we do recommend the use of a quesadilla grill basket. We prefer to use the Mexican cheese blend of shredded cheese for this but feel free to use whatever type of shredded cheese you would like.

Shred the chicken. You can use some meat shredding claws or a couple of forks, just pull the meat apart. You can use cut up chicken but it will leave lumps in your tortillas.

To grill quesadillas heat the grill to medium heat (to hot and you will burn the tortillas).

Place 2 tortillas directly over the heat and rotate after minute. This first step is for warming the inside so the cheese will melt more evenly.

Flip one of the tortillas over and evenly distribute your cheese from the center out. Do not place a lot of cheese near the outer edge as it may fall out an into your grill when flipped.

Add your chicken, spread it out evenly as best you can, so that you can get some chicken in every bite.

Place the other tortilla hot side down on top of the first and rotate.

Grilled Quesadilla

Let cook for another minute and rotate again. The cheese should have already started to melt by now. Let cook for another minute. When you grill quesadillas it is important to keep them moving to minimize any burning.

At this point the bottom should be brown and crisp. If it isn’t keep going with the cook for a minute and rotate until it is. Then gently lift the top layer to be sure the cheese has begun to melt. This is important because it will hold the quesadilla together when flipped.

Once the bottom has crisped it is ready to be flipped. Get your spatula all the way under the quesadilla and hold the top with your hand and quickly flip it over.

Let it cook for a minute and rotate. Repeat this as many times as you did for the bottom. Typically grill time is about 3 minutes per side.

If you are making more than 1 quesadilla: slid it off the heat to the side so that it stays warm and grill the next one.

cut a Grill Quesadilla

Slice each quesadilla with a pizza cutter add a small side of salsa and serve.

A simple Google search for quesadilla recipes will find you some excellent ideas for this.

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