Must Have Weber Kettle Grill Accessories

Why are we posting kettle grill accessories? The Weber kettle grill is the grill that changed everything, it has a loyal following for a reason. It cooks great, it is inexpensive, it is reliable and it lasts seemingly forever. When we grill with charcoal this is the grill we use, it has out lived several of our gas grills. There is even a Weber Kettle Club full of hard-core kettle grill fans.

This list of accessories may surprise you for a couple of reasons. First off is that these items are basic upgrades to the grill itself, no fancy grilling gadgets on this list. Secondly, we only stock one of these items the other two can typically be found where you purchased your grill or on Amazon (which is where the links will send you).

With that said here are the three things that are must have weber kettle grill accessories.

#1 Stainless Steel Cooking Grate

must have weber kettle grill accessories
22 Inch Stainless Steel 4mm Hinged Grilling Cooking Replacement Grate

The first upgrade you need to make to your Weber kettle grill is this Stainless steel grill grate. The stock grate that comes with the grill is the old school chrome plated kind that will chip, flake and rust easily once damaged. I purchased these at the same time I got the kettle and when cleaned up they still look as good as new.

The body of your kettle grill will last for 10 years or more if it is taken care of and this grate will easily out live the grill itself. Since it is made of stainless you do not need to be gentle with it while cleaning it any grill brush will do and it is about $40 on Amazon.

#2 Weber Charcoal Baskets

Charcoal Baskets
Stainless Steel Charcoal Basket for Kettles

Stainless Steel Charcoal Baskets are the best way to hold your charcoal to create proper heat zones in your kettle grill. They can be used back to back in the center or off to one side creating a high heat zone that takes up about half of your grills surface. If the are placed on opposite sides of the grill the center of your grill becomes an indirect heat zone, perfect for those low and slow cooks.

If you are used hinged grill grates, just place the baskets right under the hinge for easy reloading of your charcoal. The use of Charcoal baskets also protects the charcoal grate on the bottom of the grill dramatically extending the life of them. Typically they first piece on the grill to fail. This one is currently $28 on Amazon.

#3 Grill Hood Thermometer

Grill hood thermometer
Grill Hood Thermometer by Tel-Tru

Adding a grill hood thermometer to your Weber Kettle will allow for more accurate temperature control over your charcoal grill. You can rotate the hood allows you to take temperature readings from all the heat zones while grilling.

While you must drill into the hood if you want a permanent mount for one of these thermometers, some people will just mount it into one of the upper vent holes. This thermometer is currently $22 on our site.

These are the 3 upgrades we did right away when we purchased our Weber Kettle 5 years back. The grill still looks and performs as good as new and that is why we recommend them so highly.

So for about $90 these kettle grill upgrades will up your grill game while extending the life of your Weber Grill.

What do you think about our list of Must Have Weber Kettle Grill Accessories? Did we miss something? Tell us in the comments section below.

About the author: Mike is the owner of, a Certified Food Safety Professional and KCBS member.

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