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Onion Seasoning Grill Brush Review

Possibly the craziest grill brush we have ever seen, we must write an onion seasoning grill brush review. When we see a product this off the wall we just have to try it out and let you know if it works. My first reaction to the Mr. Bar-B-Q Onion Seasoning Grill Brush was it just could be crazy enough to work.

The tool is simple a plastic handle on a stainless steel shaft with a cup on the end. The cup has spikes that look like small nails that hold the onion in place. You cut an onion in half and skewer it onto the spikes flat side down and you have your completed grill brush.

Now we pre-heat our grill, it seems like the hotter the better. Once the grill is at full temperature we open the hood and begin to run the onion across the grates. The smell is incredible and you get a lot of sizzle off the grill. It just glides across the top smoothly, no need to press hard just wave it back and forth.

We have fairly new stainless grates that I left stained for this experiment. I have to say I was very impressed with the cleaning power of the onion, at one point I watched it boil away a stain on the grate after it passed over the area. After the initial cleaning I ran our regular grill brush over it and it didn’t remove anything the onion didn’t already get to.

Cleaning your grill this way is also supposed to add some onion flavor to your food. While we did notice a slight additional onion taste on the food it was not very prominent at all. Probably the only reason we noticed it is because we were looking for it. The smell however was strong and wonderful and in my opinion made this product worthwhile itself.

Onion Seasoning Grill Brush

Our conclusion on the Onion Seasoning Grill Brush Review:

We were shocked at how well this worked as a grill cleaning brush. The drawback is the storage of the onion or having to use a new onion every time if you do not grill frequently. On the plus side: this grill brush would be awesome for cleaning porcelain coated grill grates.

Is this something you must have? Not really, but I will tell you this is something I will break out whenever there are guests around just because it is awesome.

Since this article was originally written this item has been discontinued. You can find a similar product here or you could just stick a fork into half an onion and clean your grill that way.

A grill brush review about an onion? Yeah I did that.



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