Slider Grill Basket Review

The slider grill basket review is of the Charcoal Companion Slider Grilling Basket, we tested the model that included the burger press. There are a lot of variations of this product on the market now and most of this review will apply to all of them. The wife has been dying to try this item out, since she first laid eyes on it. It allows you to cook up to 9 sliders at a time, the burger press can make 3 patties at a time and it also comes with a bun cutter.

Slider Grill Basket Review

The mini triple burger press worked OK but we decided that it would be easier to pack the meat into the rings of the basket itself and this way you get a patty about a half an inch thick.

We used dinner rolls so we did not use the bun cutter, it makes for a good presentation I just cannot see wasting half a burger bun.

The grill basket itself if a nonstick-coated wire frame with 9 rings to hold the burger patties in place, the top cage is a separate removable piece. We cleaned the basket then coated it with cooking oil (I always do this nonstick coating or not) then loaded it with the burgers and placed and locked the top cage into place.

The actual grill basket review:

Taking the basket from inside to the grill was as easy as grabbing it by the hardwood handle with one hand and walking it outside. I placed the basket onto the preheated grill, leaving the handle outside of the grilling surface. I had to leave the lid of my gas grill open to allow the handle to stick out. Since the burgers are small it didn’t add too much to the cooking time. Turning them was basically the flick of the wrist, one turn for all 9 patties, and then wonder, why I do not use grill baskets more often?

I decided that it would be best to empty the basket outside and just bring the burgers in. I turned off the heat, unlatched and removed the top and left it on the grates to cool, then just flipped the basket quickly and the burgers fell right out onto the plate. I also left the bottom of the basket on the grill as well. It is important to note, that the handle never got hot while cooking.

The burgers were delicious and clean up was a breeze in the kitchen sink with soap water and a sponge (and this is probably why I don’t use a grill basket that often). The labor saved on the grill flipping all the burgers individually, is offset by the cleaning of the basket.

The conclusion of our slider grill basket review:

The grill basket performed better then I expected, I was expecting the patties to stick and clean up to be a pain and neither happened. It is well constructed and will last for years of normal use, until the nonstick surface gets damaged.

Skip the version that includes the burger press, and just pack the meat into the basket on a piece of wax paper (unless your are giving it as a gift) and just get the mini burger basket and save a few bucks.

Is it a must have for your arsenal of grill tools? That depends how much you like sliders. I can really see using it every time we cook burgers and hot dogs at the same time. Grab a slider or two in one hand and a dog in the other.

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Mini Burger Grill Basket with Burger Press

$24.99 $18.99

Overall size: 18×9 Inches

Rosewood Handle

Non-stick Coated Cage

Makes up to 9 sliders at a time

Includes: Burger patty press

Out of stock

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The mini burger grill basket with mini burger press by Charcoal Companion, has a rosewood handle, is non-stick coated and will hold up to 9 sliders or mini burgers. The mini burger press will make perfectly sized patties every time. This basket has a two piece cage that hinges on the bottom and lock into place with a sliding ring on the handle.

We were so excited when we first got the mini burger grill basket product that we had to try it out. So we tested it and wrote a full review on it For our full review of this product click here.

Mini Burger Grill Basket Specs:

18 x 9 inches Holds up to nine 3 inch Burger Patties Non-Stick Coated rosewood Handle

Mini Burger Press Specs:

Makes one 3 inch Patty with rings in the press to promote even cooking

The mini burger grill basket packaged with a colorful cardboard sleeve over the top of the basket with the burger press inside. Wash this product before using.

When grilling up sliders you can either cut down a normal burger bun or use dinner rolls to serve them on. We prefer to use the Hawaiian rolls to add a bit of sweetness. If you like grilled onion on your burgers you can add a thin slice on top of the patty before closing the mini burger grill basket.

Care information of the mini burger grill basket from Package:

To preserve and extend the useful life of this BBQ tool or accessory, wash with a mild dishwashing soap, rinse, and dry immediately. Tools with a wood or rubber components should never be placed into a dishwasher. Do not use metallic scrubbers.

Periodically apply a small amount of mineral oil or other food safe oil to wood components.

Caution: Even with the handle this grill basket can become hot when in use. Always use hand protection when handling a hot grill basket.

Additional information

Weight 2.3 lbs


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