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Rotisserie Approximate Cooking Time Chart

If you’re new to rotisserie grilling and are wondering how long it will take to cook something, this page is our rotisserie approximate cooking time chart for grills. All rotisserie cooking requires Medium-Hot indirect heat, and a drip pan. A large enough pan will provide the indirect heat for you.

Fill your drip pan ½ way with whatever you are going to baste the meat with and be sure that the liquid never runs dry through the cooking process. A dry drip pan that fills with grease will quickly turn into a 3-alarm fire ruining a good meal.

Remember when unsure always use a meat thermometer and follow the USDA temperature guidelines.

Beef Roast Rolled

Rare: 16 minutes per pound
Medium 18 minutes per pound
Well: 20 minutes per pound

Beef Roast Bone In

Rare: 16 minutes per pound
Medium 18 minutes per pound
Well: 20 minutes per pound

Chicken 3 to 4 pounds

1.5 hours baste occasionally

Cornish Game Hens 1 Pound

1 hour baste occasionally

Turkey 9 Pounds

3.5 hours baste occasionally

Pork Roast Bone In

22 minutes per pound baste frequently

Pork Roast Rolled

26 minutes per pound baste frequently

Pork Spare Ribs

1 hour baste frequently

Keep in mind that this chart is not a be all end all. It is provided to give you a good idea of how long you will be cooking something. Always use a good thermometer and your best judgement.

Suggested Reading: USDA Food Temperature Guide




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