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What is the diameter of your spit rod

So you need to purchase a new set of spit forks for your rotisserie and need to check your spit rods diameter. Here is a quick and easy way to check and compare spit rod diameters using things you probably have lying around your house.

The smallest diameter spit rod is the 5/16 it is also the most common. Found in most universal rotisserie kits. It is slightly larger in diameter than a common household pen. So simply lay your spit rod onto a flat surface and set a pen next to it. If your rod is just slightly taller than the pen it is a 5/16 rod. If it is much larger try the next size up.

The next size up would be a 1/2 inch spit rod. This size spit rod is just slightly larger than a standard sharpie marker. Lay your spit rod onto a flat surface and place the sharpie next to it. If your rod is just slightly taller than the marker it is 1/2 inch.

Now, if you have lost your spit rod but you have the hardware you can just attempt to insert the pen or sharpie into the spit forks to find the size. if the sharpie is to large you have a 5/16 if it fits then it is 1/2 inch.

One other thing to keep in mind is the shape of your spit rod. Generally, there are a couple of different variations here: square, hex or round. Hardware for a square 5/16 rod will fit onto a hex 5/16 rod but not the other way around. While hardware designed for a hex 1/2 inch rod would fit a round 3/8 inch spit.

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