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Angus Beef vs. Regular Beef

Whats the difference between Angus and regular beef? The simple answer is the type of cow that it comes from. Like salmon and tilapia are both fish that have some similarities they will not taste the same. An Angus steer will make a more well marbled piece of beef then your average cow. They are also a heartier breed which means typically they will need less antibiotics in their lifetime then a regular cow.

When I was growing up the only places you would find references to Angus were high end steak houses, now even McDonald’s has an Angus burger. So besides the price is there really a difference between Angus and regular beef?

This seems to be a highly debated topic online and this answer will not sway the issue. My answer is sometimes. I have had Angus on many occasions in the form of burgers, hot dogs and steaks. I can taste the difference a lot of the time but sometimes I can’t. My theory on this is that a lot depends on the source that you buy it from.

If you are getting your your burgers or steaks from your local grocery store or chain restaurant chances are you will not notice much of a difference, if any. While if you purchase it from a reputable butcher or a higher end restaurant there will be a noticeable taste and slight texture difference.

To be sure you get your moneys worth look for a CAB marking and the USDA Grade. CAB stands for certified Angus beef. CAB beef goes through a much more rigorous certification process then just the USDA grading process. This ensures a more consistently higher quality product. If you are purchasing lower USDA grades of beef such as Standard or Select you will find little difference between an Angus cut and regular beef. Where Angus really shines is when it is graded as Prime or Prime Plus.

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