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What is a Pig Wing

A pig wing sometimes referred to as drummies is the lower pork shank with a single bone running through the center. While a pig wing may be cooked any style a chicken wing can be cooked traditionally they are cooked barbecue style, with smoke, low and slow then sauced. This is a lean cut of pork that has a single bone running through the center thus the comparison to a chicken wing drumette.

So no, pig wings are not from flying pigs.

While cooking the meat on the bone will shrink leaving a handle making them great for appetizers or tailgating.

KC Wild Wing Pork Shank, 3 Pound - 3 per case.

A pork shank is the lower portion of a pigs rear thigh directly below the ham cut to the knee. Considered an offal or scrap cut they are relatively inexpensive to purchase when they can be found in your grocery store. As with most meats purchasing online is expensive but you can find raw shanks online here.

If you are purchasing a product called a pig wing it will be a fully cooked product that comes frozen and runs about $8.00 a pound. They can be found online here. 

So in short a pig wing is just a marketing term for a trimmed shank so that they can charge you more for an inexpensive cut of pork.




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