How to Mount a Grill Rotisserie

How to mount a grill rotisserie is written for those who have never installed one before, This is a step by step how to guide to ease you through the process. You only need to install it once so take your time and do it properly and it will pay off for you in the long run.

Take a second to look at the parts list and separate the mounting hardware from the rest of the rotisserie kit.

All the steps listed here are vital to the performance of your new rotisserie but, the fist two steps are the most important part of hotwto mount a grill rotisserie.

Step 1: Mounting the motor bracket, Slide your motor onto the motor mounting bracket and hold it up to the mounting holes on the outside your grill, this can be done on either side of the grill. You will want the spit rod to sit as low as possible without it rubbing on the grill itself, you may want to place the spit rod into the motor for accuracy.

rotisserie mounting bracket installed on grill

Mark the holes that you will be using on the bracket and remove the motor. Insert the mounting screws through the inside of the grills body, slide the bracket over the protruding screws, and place the nuts on the screws and tighten. Before you tighten them all the way you may wish to double-check the spit rod clearance.

Step 2: Mounting the Bushing bracket (if required), This step is NOT needed if your grill has notches on the lower portion of the body on the sides for a spit rod. Opposite the motor side you want to align and mount the bracket the same way as you did in step one. Here you need to account for the height of the spit rod bushing as well.

how to mount a grill rotisserie

Step 3: Mounting the Motor, The rotisserie motor just slides onto the motor mounting bracket, it can be mounted sideways (this is the most common) or with the cord side up, or down. Use whichever way gives you the proper spit rod clearance for your grill and side table.

Step 4: Aligning and Mounting Spit Rod Bushing, (Weber rotisseries do not use this) Slide the spit rod bushing on to the spit rod, then slide the square end of the spit rod into the motor. If your grill has rotisserie notches you want the screw (or thumbscrew) side of the bracket pointing toward the motor side of the spit rod. If you are using the bushing bracket you want the screw (or thumbscrew) side of the bracket pointing away from the motor.

Position the bushing on the spit rod so that the indentation is resting in the notch of your grill or on the curved part of the bushing bracket. Check to make sure that the screw will not rub against anything when it turns, and tighten. This step is important not only to ensure that the rod rotates smoothly, but also the flanges on either side of the bushing keeps the rod from working it’s way out of the motor. Your almost finished with mount a grill rotisserie, just 2 more easy steps to go.

rotisserie handle and counter balance installation

Step 5: Mount the Handle; simply screw the handle onto the threaded end of the rod.

Step 6: Spit Forks: This is the last step, and depending on what you are grilling you may want to put the spit forks into the food before you slide the rod through, or you can mount one fork on the rod, slide the food on and then place the other fork on.

No matter what type of rotisserie you have purchased all the parts will be similar and the basic steps to mounting it onto your grill will be the same.

How to Mount a Grill Rotisserie Notes:

Be sure to allow adequate clearance for your food inside your grill, sometimes you will have to remove the grills grates for this.

To hold your food securely onto your spit rod, tighten one fork on the rod and apply a little pressure to the other fork (to squeeze the food a little) when tightening.

Always truss any poultry to keep legs and wings secure.

Spit rods should NOT be a tight fit in the motor; a spit rod will expand a little when heat is applied.

Never handle a hot spit rod without the use of grilling gloves or oven mitts.

Always turn off the motor before removing or stopping the spit rod

Off balance loads may require the use of a counterweight.

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