Jalapeno Pepper Grill Rack with Corer


$19.99 $13.99

Stainless Steel Rack
Corer: Stainless Steel Hardwood Handle
Dimensions: Rack: 9.80″ x 4.76″ x 2.04″
Corer: 7.67″

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The jalapeno chili pepper grill rack by Steven Raichlen is stainless steel and hold up to 18 peppers. This grilling rack comes complete with a wood handled corer and recipe card.

This is the jalapeno rack that we use around here so here are our thoughts on it.  Here is a link to our article on how to grill jalapeno poppers showing this stand in use.

First off this jalapeno rack is packaged in a colorful cardboard box, making it a great gift idea. It also includes a recipe card, this alone puts it above most other jalapeno racks. When the rack is removed from the box it looks impressive. The rack is made of stainless steel this is the good shiny stainless and it also has SR etched on one of the handles.

It is a one piece design and the stainless is thicker then most jalapeno racks. This promotes even heat and means that this will last a lifetime.

The downfall with almost all of theses racks is the one inch whole size, which seems to be standard. This only allows smaller peppers to be used and if you bacon wrap them you have to find really thin ones or use a toothpick through the bottom to hold them in place.

As for the corer: It worked great for cutting the tops off of the peppers but its circular design limits it’s use to larger peppers. So if you read the paragraph above you need to use smaller peppers but the corer only works on larger peppers.

The simple one piece design has two handles on either end of the rack, they are perfectly sized so that you can pick-up or move the rack with your tongs. 

We spray the top with a non-stick cooking spray before use so the melting cheese wont stick. So cleaning this jalapeno stand up is a breeze. If you get a really stuck on mess throw it back on the grill and heat it up again.

The rack is 10 x 4.75 inches and has handles on either side.

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