Large Custom Spit Rods

We get asked all the time for either extra long or large custom spit rods for fire pits or cooking whole hogs. The only thing we can really recommend is finding some 304 stainless steel rod stock. Rod stock is readily available either from a local machine shop or online and can be used as is or it can be modified by a local machine shop. The simplest (and cheapest) way to go about it would be to find hardware that would fit the rod stock though.

Here are some links to the large custom spit rod stock that can be ordered in up to 72 inch lengths and up to 1 1/2 inch widths that we found on Amazon

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You will also need to keep in mind that you may need custom-made spit or meat forks and spit rod bearing of some kind if you are going this route. We sell large spit forks that will fit up to a 3/4 inch diameter rod outside of that, the largest diameter forks we have found (shown below) are 1 inch and also a 1 inch diameter bearing.

You will also need some sort of drive mechanism for the motor. Like gears a chain or belt or even a drill like this guy.

There are a lot of youtube videos with home-made rotisseries to give you some ideas on how to finish your project. I hope this article helps you on your grilling mission and we would love to see your finished products

If you are looking to rotisserie cook a large animal you would be better served by purchasing or renting a rotisserie kit that can handle the weight. For a successful cook I can not stress this enough.

If you are dead set on building your own start with the motor and drive hardware before looking at large custom spit rods. Your drive setup may determine what diameter rod you will need. Finally see if there is hardware that will fit that size rod or if you will need to have it custom-made.



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