Table Cloth Clamps Spring Loaded Set of 4


Spring Loaded
Set of 4
Secures Table cloth in the wind
Opens to 1.25 inches

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You know how every time you go to eat outdoors your tablecloth corners get blown up by the wind? These table-cloth clamps will prevent that from happening to you. Just open the lower jaw and slide one of these spring-loaded clamps onto each corner of the table release the jaw and they will hold it in place under most conditions.  Designed to fit onto wooden picnic tables they open a full 1.25 inches wide allowing them work on most outdoor tables.

Sold in a four pack you will need a set for every table you need to cover. The jaws of the clamps are serrated to give you maximum holding power. Made of a durable white plastic they can be reused and will last for years.

If they get dirty you can easily clean them up by hand washing with soap and water.

This is a product that we use around here when we are having guests over and they work really well. We have had our cheap plastic table cloths rip in high winds while these clamps stayed in place holding the shredded corners of it.

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