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Common Rotisserie Questions Answered

On this page we answer common questions people have about their grill rotisseries. We will be using some of the actual e-mail questions and our replies that we have received over the years.

We want you to enjoy the use of your new grill rotisserie even if you didn’t purchase it here so please feel free to e-mail us any questions you may have.

Michael from TN. Asks:

I have a Home Depot Nexgrill gas grill and I was given a Grillpro rotisserie for Christmas. Just got around to mounting the rotisserie today, only to find that, after it’s mounted, I can no longer close the lid on the grill with the rotisserie rod in place.

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Getting Great Grill Marks: What Not To Do

Have trouble getting great grill marks on your meat that the chefs on TV make look so easy to get? They make it look easy and you can get frustrated trying to duplicate them. For years I did not even try I blew them off as a presentation only thing, sometimes I would get them sometimes I wouldn’t, sometimes it would burn to a crisp and even weirder I would get them just right and they would disappear by the time the food was fully cooked.

filet with great grill marks

Over the last couple of years through trial and error I have learned why my grill marks would not turn out consistent. So if you want to get more consistent grill marks here is a list what NOT to do.

To get great grill marks Do Not

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Winter Grilling Tips

If you are one of the many people who love grilling year round here are a few tips to make your winter grilling a little less of a challenge. If you are just cooking something quick like burgers most of this will not apply to you. Northern Ohio, where we are located, may not have the worst weather in the country but it can get pretty miserable at times.

Wind is your enemy, more so then the cold. Gas grills especially have large vents to let them breathe so a good gust of wind will blow your burners out. Charcoal grills tend to be better equipped to deal with the wind but even a little wind can cover your food with ash. Try placing something to block the wind a couple of feet away from the grill to act as a buffer. Do not back you grill up to your house especially if you have vinyl siding, also do not block your vents. Placing your grill near your house may not seem like a big deal but accidents do happen no matter how careful you are.

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