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How long will your grills propane tank last

To begin to figure out how long your propane tank will last first we must consider the size of your propane tank. The average grills propane tank is a 20 pound tank that is supposed to supply 22,000 BTU’s per pound. A typical tank holds 20 pounds of propane when full.

So if we do the math here it’s 20 X 22,000 = 440,000 BTU’s for a full tank.

Now if you divide 440,000 by the BTU’s of your grill.

Since math is hard, here is a ballpark breakdown for you

Small grill around 25,000 btu’s – Giving us 17.6 hours

Mid size Grill around 40,000 btu’s – Giving us 11 hours

Large Grills around 60,000 btu’s – Giving us 7.3 hours

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Gas Grill Safety Tips

The image above is why you should never store a propane tank indoors.

Gas grill safety is something that you rarely think about because most of it is fairly basic. Grilling may even be safer then cooking indoors, however it is the greasy nature of the food cooked outdoors that will cause a lot of your safety concerns.

Always keep the bottom tray and grease catch pan of your gas grill clean and free of debris, this will help prevents grease fires.

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Preparing your Meats for Grilling

While preparing meat for the grill you are faced with several options on how to do it. You may use one of them; none of them or all of them is purely a matter of taste. Different meats respond differently to different techniques. You will have to find what works best for you.

I for one rarely even marinate steak; I will generally use the natural method. However, when it comes to those boneless skinless tasteless chicken breasts. I will use almost every option available I will marinate, rub and inject, anything to get some flavor into those healthy bland pieces of meat, that my wife makes me eat.

Option 1 Natural: This would be to cook it as is straight from the fridge to the grill. Red meat should be allowed to reach room temperature before placing on the grill.

I find this is the best way to cook steaks and burgers. When you are using good meat and meat itself stands alone. When choosing your meats, we always recommend you go to a local meat market as opposed to your local grocery chain. The meat is always fresher. You may pay a few cents more, but as soon as you bite into it, you will know that you got your money’s worth.

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