Masterbuilt Bluetooth Smoker Review

To begin our Masterbuilt Bluetooth smoker review the specific smoker model we are reviewing here is the 30 inch Masterbuilt pro with Bluetooth. Most of the information in this review is relevant for any of the electric cabinet type smokers by Masterbuilt. In the review we will include a review of the bluetooth and android

Propane Exchange Review

Propane Exchange Review

Our propane exchange review is an in-depth look at the cost and all other factors to consider when filling your propane tank. When your propane tank is empty and you need to get it filled you normally have two choices the propane exchange found outside most hardware and grocery stores and some gas stations or

Weber Spirit 210 Gas Grill Review

We have now had our grill for over 2 years now so we have updated our initial Weber Spirit 210 gas grill review to include our current thoughts on the grill. We begin with our original post with updated content in (bold). Below the initial post you will find the current review. Original Post from

What is the Best Grill Brush

We receive calls all the time asking what is the best grill brush? Well I wish there was a simple answer but it’s complicated. The answer is dependent on the type of grates your grill has. On this page we run down the three basic brushes and how they work on each of the different

Must Have Weber Kettle Grill Accessories

Why are we posting kettle grill accessories? The Weber kettle grill is the grill that changed everything, it has a loyal following for a reason. It cooks great, it is inexpensive, it is reliable and it lasts seemingly forever. When we grill with charcoal this is the grill we use, it has out lived several

Review Cheese Melting Grill Pan

The cheese melting grill pan was a gadget I knew I had to have the minute I saw it. When we received this product I was first disappointed in its small size but the folding removable handle looked very nice. The only packaging is a cardboard wrapper with no instructions under the cardboard is a