How to Grill a Totino’s Frozen Pizza Video

How to grill a Totino’s frozen pizza is quick and easy and the crust comes out very crispy. In my opinion it is better off the grill then out of the oven. This is going to result in a very crispy cracker like crust. Before we can grill a Totino’s frozen pizza we need to

Can You Grill Frozen Pizza

Yes, you can grill frozen pizza and it will make for a crispy crust and will come out similar to a pizza cooked in a wood fired pizza oven. A simple tweak to the instructions provided on the pizza box will give you excellent results. Because no two brands of frozen pizza are the same

How to Grill with Charcoal

This is our guide on how to grill with charcoal here we cover all of the basics to get you grilling correctly. If you just purchased your first charcoal grill take your time and read this post. It won’t make you an expert but it will give you the tools you need to get started.

How to Grill with Propane

This is our basic how to grill with propane guide it is designed for those who have just purchased their first grill and are looking for a place to begin. Grilling with propane is as easy as grilling gets. Yet, if you are new to grilling it seems complicated. So here are a few helpful

Grilled Angel Food Cake

Grilled angel food cake is a tremendous way to show that you have mastered the grill and to end your barbecue. Grilling any dessert will impress all of your friends and family. For grilled angel food cake, all we will are basically doing is toasting the outside of the cake with the direct heat of

How to Grill Donuts

How to grill donuts is something that I stumbled upon recently and I cannot believe we didn’t think of it first. This is quick and easy to do and it will breath new life into those day old Krispy Kremes you have lying around. For this all you will need is doughnuts, a spatula, and