Char griller double play review cover photo

Char Griller Dual Function Double Play Review

The other day walking through Wal-mart I stumbled upon the Dou’s big brother the Char Griller Dual Function 5072 grill. These are the same basic grills with just minor differences. It appears as though all the short comings of the Dou have been addressed with these new grills and then some.

Masterbuilt Bluetooth Smoker Review cover

Masterbuilt Bluetooth Smoker Review

If your new to barbecue or just have a lack of time to do it the traditional method this is the type of smoker for you. The first brisket I cooked with this was the first brisket I ever cooked and it was tremendous. I don’t think that they can make a smoker easier to use

Propane Exchange Review cover

Propane Exchange Review

The Propane Exchange is a much more expensive way of filling your propane tank. There are a couple of valid reasons to use it that will actually save you money.

Weber Spirit 210 Gas Grill Review cover

Weber Spirit 210 Gas Grill Review

Looking for an affordable gas grill that will last for years? We have found just that in our Weber Spirit E210 grill. Our review covers from when it was new until 4 years later.

What is the best grill brush cover photo

What is the Best Grill Brush

We receive calls all the time asking what is the best grill brush? Well I wish there was a simple answer but it’s complicated. The answer is dependent on the type of grates your grill has.

Must have weber kettle grill accesories cover photo

Must Have Weber Kettle Grill Accessories

The first upgrade you need to make to your Weber kettle grill is this Stainless steel grill grate. The stock grate that comes with the grill is the old school chrome plated kind that will chip