Should you oil grill grates

Should you oil grill gratesĀ before grilling is a controversial topic, even the celebrity chef’s disagree with each other on this. So should you or shouldn’t you oil those grates? Here we will take a look at what some of those chefs recommend and then add our 2 cents to the mix as well. What inspired

How Much Propane is Left in the Tank VIDEO

How much propane is left in the tank? If you grill with gas this a question you will have often. There is an easy way to measure how much gas is left in the tank. The most accurate way to gauge a 20lb propane tank is by weight so you will need a bathroom scale

How Long Do I Cook it on the grill?

How long do I grill (insert your food here), this is the most common question asked by new griller’s. It’s practically impossible to answer every grill is different and they all have different temperature zones. If you’re new at this, we suggest using an instant read meat thermometer for everything at first. They are very

How to light charcoal without lighter fluid or chimney VIDEO

So you’re getting ready to fire up the old charcoal grill and discover your out of lighter fluid, so you Google “how to light charcoal without lighter fluid or chimney”. Like most sites we would first recommend the use of a charcoal chimney however, if your still using lighter fluid you don’t have one of

Rotisserie Approximate Cooking Time Chart

If you’re new to rotisserie grilling and are wondering how long it will take to cook something, this page is our rotisserie approximate cooking time chart for grills. All rotisserie cooking requires Medium-Hot indirect heat, and a drip pan. A large enough pan will provide the indirect heat for you. Fill your drip pan Ā½

Basic Barbecue or Smoker Tips

I am going to keep these barbecue tips very basic, they are geared towards a beginner. Over the years I Have used a NBBD offset smoker, Char Griller Duo, Weber Bullet and currently a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker. I am still in the learning stages of barbecuing and it seems like a process that will never