Grill Brushes

A grill brush for cleaning your grills grates are now available in a variety of sizes, handle styles and bristles. You no longer have to throw your old grill brushes away either, thanks to replaceable grill brush heads. Long gone are the days of using a wire paint stripping brush to clean your grill.

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Just like your other grilling tools, you can now buy a quality brush and simply replace the bristle head when it wears out.

The quality grill cleaning brushes also feature stiffer handles than their plastic handled disposable counterparts. Which means less effort on your end when cleaning your grill grates. The best part is to just a few bucks more than the cheap plastic models.

Grill Brush Safety

Grill brush safety is not something that even crosses most people’s minds, but here is the thing, it is possible for a grill brush to lose the metal bristles. If this happens and a bristle gets stuck on the grates it could get into your food, then it could get swallowed. This is not a common problem but it does happen, hospitals have been reporting these incidents since the 1950’s. So here is what you need to do.

1) Purchase a good quality grill brush.

2) Inspect your grill brush head on a regular basis, if you see loose bristles throw it away.

3) Inspect your grill grid for stray bristles before every use.

If any of this raises concerns for you, you can always purchase a grill scrubber brush instead of a bristled brush.

Showing 1–16 of 29 results