Grill Toppers

A grill topper is something you place directly on your grill grates to help aid you in cooking smaller items. Typically they will have holes in the bottom to let smaller foods get that great grilled flavor. Grilling racks and stands also fall into this category.

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Grill toppers are available in many shapes and sizes similar to those used in your kitchen. For example a grilling sheet or grid is comparable to a cookie sheet just with holes and a grill wok is sheet metal wok with holes in it.

Selecting the right grill topper depends on what you would like to cook. For example: If you want to grill some shrimp a grill sheet would work but you would still have to turn the over one at a time. With a grill wok or bowl you would just need to stir them all up at the same time.

We like to use a wok to grill up mushrooms and onions to top our steaks. Using a small topper allows you to do both at the same time even on a small grill.

Caution: The metal of a grill topper will get hot when cooking with it, always use hand protection while handling this. After cooking we typically remove our food from the topper and leave it on our grill to cool.

Care of your grill toppers

While throwing these in your dishwasher may be tempting, the harsh detergents will be hard on the shiny finish. We always suggest hand washing with soap and water (never use metallic scrubbers) and air drying. This will help keep them in like new condition.

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Showing 1–16 of 42 results