Long Grill Tongs

Long grill tongs are a must for most family barbecues. Handles on a long grill tong start at around 18 inches while your normal kitchen tongs are around 12 inches long. The extra length is designed to keep your hands away from the heat of the open flame. This is a necessity when cooking a lot of food over high heat or if your grill is prone to flare up.

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Another thing to consider is long grill tongs with wooden handles are not dishwasher safe because the water and heat will dry out and eventually crack the wooden handles. Some of the stainless tools also are not dishwasher safe but this is mainly to protect the shiny metal finish.

My favorite tongs are ones that I have used around here for years they are the Extra Long Grill Tongs by Outset. They are longer than most at 22 inches but they are light and just feel right in your hands. Feel is a hard thing to try convey over the internet but we try to be honest in our item descriptions. The same manufacturer does make other tongs that just don’t have the same feel to them.

I am a big guy and not gentile or agile in anyway shape or form, so trying to pick up a single shrimp by the tail usually does not end well. With the right set of tongs I can do it though.

We always recommend hand washing all of your grilling tools with soap and water to protect the like new look and finish of the product.

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